Soundcloud – Flickr For Music!

Just discovered a few weeks ago, such a nice, great new web service called soundcloud. It’s just like flickr but for music, nice gui, easy use and really fucking cool, somehow. So sign up and let you drop some music. Or better, simply drop me some music through soundcloud’s drop box! I love it!

Even if they don’t believe or know it yet, i know that a lot of our clients will love it too, soon…

And they’re – meanwhile – in Berlin, another reason for featuring soundcloud! Here’s what they wrote about themselfs:

We’re a few people who moved from Stockholm to Berlin, found some more cool people there and set up a small company to create the best dedicated music site in the world.

As you might expect, over the years we’ve grown tired of getting emails with YouSentIt links or FTP log-ins just to be able to check out our friends latest soon-to-be released tracks. Not to mention how annoying it is to try and email a reply with some comprehendible feedback. Music is just kind of tricky to deal with over email. So, we thought we’d change that. SoundCloud is our way of doing it.

Yes, that’s right!