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flokati logo

flokati logo

Munich’s best House Club. Since 1998.
Art direction and photography by schönereWelt!

Founded by Tobi Neumann and Marcus Kanzler, we started the flokati (re-) design in 1999. For the first two years we used an handwritten logotype, afterwards a shape of an flokati carpet. Since 2001 the flokati got it’s famous [f]-logo. Each flyer series was conceptual developed. The first series‘ topic in 1999 was „party culture“ or better „celebrating cultures all over the world“. 12 flyers, 12 colors, 12 countries and all continents, all serial. At December we „arrived“ back to munich. Just right in time to celebrate the oktoberfest (after clubbin‘ at flokati ;).

August 1999, Northgermany

August 1999, Northgermany

September 1999, Oktoberfest

September 1999, Oktoberfest

Afterwards we used rare-to-see pretty, colorful sea snails, followed by flowers, toys, puppets and many more pretty stuff.
A munich city magazine wrote:

„…and a special commendation: The flokati club is producing, with miles away, the most beautiful flyers in town. It’s at the time somebody has to write that!“



noch ein besonderes lob..

noch ein besonderes lob..

A special series was the so called „stamped meat“ or „bodyparts“:

We stamped human flesh and took pictures of it. The idea was, that it is nearly impossible to recognise neither the position of the stamp nor the gender of the model.. That means, you’re just looking at a piece of meat – a man’s arm – or leg, or are these tits? A girl’s ass? Whatever – but it looks sexy. somehow..

After the closing of the famous, legendary – „one of the ten best clubs in the world“ – called ultraschall, the flokati club became homeless. Untill the grand reopening at the garden club. fortunatly the garden club wasn’t ready to open at the first day, so we moved – 90 minutes before opening – to the emergency off-location Schlachthof (Slaughtery Area) and had one of the best flokati nights and noon ever.

The new flyer series was great to add motion, so i produced frequently some kind of video flyers. That night, i was VJ’ing too. And we had a brandnew artwork – no more pictures, pure graphic only!

Since 2003 flokati’s new homebase is the harryklein club.

Not to forget, a lot of my dearest colleagues like Stefan Kutucu, Halis Isik, Alexander Stelz, Nadja Pfeiffer and others where supporting me, with ideas, stuff, work and photos for the ten years of flokati artwork. Thanks for that great support!

Find more flokati artwork on old versions of swelt.com, the ‚calendar weeks‘-series and nearly all the old artwork on swelt.com v3.5, german text but just click the links to watch..


schönereWelt! » Mein erster Wikipedia Eintrag
Oktober 28, 2008 3:41 am
Februar 8, 2009 6:19 am

Da kochen doch sehr angenehme Gefuehle wieder hoch beim Anblick der alten Flokatiflyer! Als waere es gestern.


Sven Steinmeyer
Februar 20, 2009 9:14 pm

nicht zu vergessen: http://www.swelt.com/2004/work/flokati/index.html und http://www.swelt.com/r/flokati2002/index.html und auf flickr http://flickr.com/photos/swelt/sets/72157604733230181/ ist auch noch was..
Jetzt erstmal kein flokati mehr :( zumindest nicht mehr im harry und eigentlich auch nur fuer ein paar wochen… ;)

schönereWelt! | schönereWelt! goes raus
September 19, 2013 2:31 pm

[…] in den Geburtstag von unserer lieben heiligenblutigen Manu und unserem lange vermissten Herrn Kanzler rein und starten nebenbei den schönereWelt! Montags Stammtisch – erstmalig an einem […]

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