A few weeks ago – I’m quite busy somehow these days and sick of all kind of postings, sorry – i tried out MeeGo Day-1-Release Version on my old, lovely EEE-PC (1000 HE not official supported by Meego..) and i have to say: Yes! It’s really, really fast, easy to install on a SD-Card (i found a 1Gb-Card, which is working but a little bit too less, cause MeeGo can’t access the Hard disk) without touching your daily Operating System or any kind of annoying setup. Awesome: WiFi worked, Hot keys and even Bluetooth was available without doing nothing! Only i could not connect („tether“) to my old Nokia N95 to use it as 3g Modem. Probably that is the reason why i do not use it daily and switched back to my old Windows XP Environment..

It runs really, really fast – just like my EEE would be on Speed ;)

If you want to try, it’s easy and harm- and painless: First download the live image of Meego Day1 for Netbooks, download a byte-copy tool like DiskImager for Windows (Yes, i’m talking about how to install using Windows), selected the Meego.Iso File and your blank (yes, blank!! the SD-Card will be killed!!) SD-Card as the destination. That’s it!

A bit tricky was to find out, how to say my EEE that it should boot from SD-Card: Simply keep the ESC-Button pressed while booting and choose „Boot from SD-Card“ – That’s it!

Btw. MeeGo runs not only on EEE-PC there a various different Netbooks based on Intel’s Atmo-Plattform supported.

I heard a rumour that the WePad will also use MeeGo and i’m very, very looking forward to use it on upcoming cellphones. Nokia should finaly dump their Symbian and start using MeeGo asap!

I’d really like to test it on my very touchy Acer 1825, because i guess it’s perfect for use as a mobile touch-os but too less time these days for that. Fortunatly Windows 7 supports – as the only „real big“ OS (not like Apple’s OS X btw..) – touch wuite well.

Update, 06. Sep. 2010: Das Gerücht in Sachen WeTab und MeeGo scheint sich zu bestätigen, laut Schön, dann ist das „Deutsche Tablett“ standartmässig auch auf Speed! ;)