Mobile Video Calls via SIP – Finally!

Finally somebody released it: TiVi released a symbian application which enables free video calls over my nokia’s n95. Now, my 2nd cam is no longer useless – videocalls transmitted by regual mobile phone proivders are unaffordable here in germany, so i just had one videocall in my life (about two or three minutes for roundabout 5 euro, btw..).Unfortunatly there’s no speaker phone enabled, kind of not really smart to „watch“ and „listen“ at once. And no, you can’t establish another (sip) voice only call at the same time. Let’s wait for the next version.

This company and their tool also offers a high secure encryption via sip, but not for free. However, we – Seban just wanted to show me his „acid-bowl“ in his room and there was no webcam available – never heard about that company somewhere in lithuania.. It’s all about thrust ;)