sauber drauf seit 2000!

Since the year 2000 we’re proud to support our very special client „mindzone“ – a social campaign against partydrugs abuse, founded by Caritas Bavaria (Landescaritasverband Bayern e.V.) and the Bavarian Goverment’s Ministry for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection (Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Umwelt, Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz), after we won the pitch against some agencies like JvM Isar.

We developed the corporate design, logo, the website (v2 coded by Stefan Kutucu, launched in 2007 while i was in beijing, stefan in munich. a quite exciting but successfull remote production..) with a homebrew content management system (coded by Sebastian Schäfer, Dungeon) and doing all the artwork, flyers, posters, booklets, give aways and merchandising.

Since that time, we were proud developing a couple of campaings for and with mindzone, like:

  • süsses gift (sweet poison) – germany’s first campaign against kids‘ abuse of alcopops. To advertise that we started a tricky cheaty google adwords campain: For example if you were searching for „bacardi“, google’s first result was „are you dinking sweet poison?“ just righthand beside the offical bacardi site, and so on.. (At these days it wasn’t illegal!) So, with a minimum monthly budget, we earned a lot of clicks..
  • weiter statt breiter (something like: „further instead of getting higher“ it’s a rhyme in german) – because there’s a serious problem that the kids (age of 12 plus!) are getting high on that european monster strong mutant weed, we – with a lot of help by Nadja Pfeiffer – where developing this cannabis information campaign.
  • klar feiern („celebrate clear“) – a general information campaign about the most dangous and widley used partydrug number one: alcohol!
  • wasser-lungen-pfeifen („water-lung-pipe“) – in 2007 a new scientiest study proofed, that the smoke of one waterpipe (shisha) is as harmfull as smoking one package of cigarettes! Not only the kids are still thinking, that smoking shisa isn’t harmful, because of the water.. We’re telling the truth!

For all these campaigns we developed a lot. Beside the design, we did the claims (quite nice ones, but works just in german language), if there was enough budget we lauchned a website and always a lot of flyers, booklets, give aways and many more.

I’m kind of special proud about the (new) mindzone claim: „sauber drauf!“ that means something like „beeing clean“. But it’s often used in the club & partyszene. There it means: I’m so wasted, so high… ;)

Because of our club- and event-clients, mindzone and their peers are part of most of the big techno events and clubs in and around munich. And the clubs are happy to have somebody like mindzone beside the night.. winner, winner!

The latest mindzone project is a free, anonymous and secured online drug help center, and there’s another thing i’m also really very proud about is that after a long time and many emails, mindzone is one of the first members participating at google’s „Google Grants„-Programm – brandnew in europe. That means, since october 2008 google itself is sponsoring mindzone. And paying for our AdWord campaigns! Yeah!!