MissKittin Relaunch!

Just finished & published one minute ago..

The brandnew Miss Kittin Tree 2009 website!


misskittin-website-the-tree-by-swelt-2009-3331568887_b8370e0ef1_o misskittin-website-the-tree-by-swelt-2009-3332405220_acd6921447_o misskittin-website-the-tree-by-swelt-2009-3331453137_a3122105b0_o

We’re doing her website since the year 2000, i’m not sure which version we are counting now, but i guess it’s version 4. or v5, maybe. Anyway, i have to leave now – tonight is kanzler’s flokati at harryklein for the very last time and i’m doing live visuals („vj’ing“) to play goodbye…