schönereWelt! (german; means literally translated “more beautiful world!“) is a design studio for media and cross-platform visual development, founded by Sven Steinmeyer in 1993. It is born of the cultural and political environment of the early nineties – techno, Love Parade, the fall of the Berlin Wall – and Steinmeyer’s love of design and digital technology.

Those who party together can work together – and soon, an interdisciplinary network of creatives, designers, artists, nerds and visionaries was formed, a network that still exists today, ever expanding. The network ensures a high level of competency while offering scalable output.

Techno was to accompany the IT revolution as a hymn, and thus we celebrated the end of the industrial era while simultaneously ushering in a brand new medium – the internet – which we have pioneered since 1995.

The briefs we received at the time demonstrated that working within the often narrow framework of corporate designs and identities could prove to be a much greater challenge than constant, and complete artistic freedom. This led to numerous new, exciting online and offline projects and clients, from fields such as industry, the economy and media.

I make the world – widdewidde as I like it …

Pippi Langstrumpf, 1969

In 1998, schönereWelt! established its atelier and headquarters in a penthouse in Sendling, close to Munich’s meatpacking district. As such, networking was made easier – creative minds could meet in person, in contrast to the early, primarily virtual collaborations.

We had already garnered extensive experience in providing graphic design for club nights and parties. Thanks to the relatively new art form of VJing, from 1999 onwards, it was possible to make the design a lot more all-encompassing – the design became an integral part of the party. This meant that art was able to be discovered and absorbed entirely casually and informally – live visuals were a new form of expression, a melting pot of graphics, art, video and technology.

Sven Steinmeyer. aka 斯文天 discovered the Middle Kingdom in 2006, when he expanded schönereWelt’s area of operations to Peking. Here, a great many exciting and intercultural projects in China came to be.

We support and accompany numerous happy clients from business enterprises, from arts and culture, from charitable and social sectors and governmental organizations in Europe, China and North America, with wonderful projects in classic core areas such as logo development, art direction, graphic design, and motion, media and interface design. We also offer consulting, conception and interior design, and, thanks to our twenty-year experience working online, we provide sustainable search engine optimization and advertisements, content provision and social media marketing (SEO/SEM/SMM/etc). We view the latter as Gegenwartsmarketing: marketing for the present age. As a side note, we have been working with accessible websites since 2006, meaning we have a high level of SEO expertise.

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