About us

schönereWelt! is an interdisciplinary design studio for corporate, motion, web & graphic design, art direction, live visuals, conception, contemporary marketing & consulting.

Born and inspired from the environment of the beginning 90's and the last german  revolution, we love cross-media and cross-platform visual development. Development by design since 1993.

Our team

The Network For Development

An Excerpt Of Our Customer List

For over two decades we have been working successfully with clients from the cultural and artistic sectors, as well as with public institutions, medium-sized businesses and corporations.

We see our work as a joint long-term path to success and our clients see it the same way. Often the cooperation may look difficult, but the road is sometimes stony but the goal is all the more beautiful for it and not only because we disagree when necessary and not only execute.

Among others, we count among our customers:

Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care, BMW, Caritas, egoFM, Harry Klein, information partners, mindzone, University of Tübingen, Yugongyishan Beijing and many more.