Manifesto 2000

The more beautiful world! Manifesto from the year 2000…

we don’t define our goals by financial success, business success ;) or mass popularity, but by characteristics like harmony of work and life, time, people and friendship, partying and chilling, aesthetics, multiple impressions, diverse interests and activities, using and abusing – bored by conventions – the latest technologies, for the eye, the senses and a more beautiful world!

die schönereWelt! develops own projects, but also supports selected customers with commercial productions – always under the aspects of aesthetics and functionality – consequently. if necessary also against the wish of the customer or the rash of the order. besides, we live and party!

at the moment we are reorganizing not only the real space – the old fruit yard – but also our virtual space. until then, some references [r]. historical projects [g] and the area of life [b] – parties, events and more. we are at your disposal for contact and information. 23112000[scs]

…and whatever else inspired us back then.

more beautifulworld! website design from the year 2000 001 from archive.orgThe screenshots still show our website from 2000 as the first horizontally scrolling website in the world. Found on and restored with our local archive:
more beautifulworld! website design from the year 2000 001 startpage-faked-animation