Fake News Campaign

With claims on current as well as timeless topics in familiar advertising language, we developed a “fake campaign”

egoFM: Banner & Animated Gif Collection

egoFM FLASH, 2017

octopus energy

Ad Banners for octopus energy on egoFM

sauberdrauf! party bag

Very fresh: the sauberdrauf! party bags

IRIS Plattform 3+

Drafts for the further development of IRIS Version 3

IRIS Platform 3.0

IRIS accompanies pregnant women in abstaining from alcohol and nicotine. We developed from 2016 to launch 2018 on…

Design Classics: Chaca Chaca Records

Records Covers / Album Design Studies, 2011

Classic: Harry Klein Club / Flyer Artwork

Lost & Found: Artwork for the Harry Klein Club, published and unpublished. Made in Beijing & Munich, 2006…

Classic: Stickers for Mooner’s 2003

Crime & Punishment Footage Animation

Just found some nice footage from the chinese movie Crime & Punishment (an old project we worked for)…