Dungeon Network closes

A bad news reached us yesterday from Sebastian – our shepherd – Schäfer aka Dungeon.de: Dungeon – the only Internetproivder of our trust stops his service after more than 20 years and we all have to get out now, out of the warm caves, the safe lap of our Dungeon.

Sheeps at sunset - lost at Schaefers Dungeon Network -

Since the question “Where to?” has reached me several times in the last twelve hours, I’d like to start a thread here, self-therapy or maybe even self-help group….

Do we all go individually, is there a neuDungeon, can we go together in groups, what providers are there, is there anything comparable and most importantly, why? Questions about questions, but now we recover from the first shock and try to act.

The lost sheep from Schäfer’s Dungeon Network are from stanze releasedunder CC BY-SA 2.0.