Android Wear – The killer app

If it hadn’t existed – I would have programmed it myself:

the ultimate killer app for Android Wear!

Just once again searched for my phone, which is one of the “most beautiful” effects of a smartwatch. One? No, my smartwatch! And I’d rather call you by name, my beautiful Moto 360. The effect that the phone just stays “somewhere” and the accompanying reduced distraction by distraction…. But I wanted to go into more detail in a separate post.

My one of the first Moto360 in Germany!

Back to the app: Find My Phone!

Yes, a loving phrase (“Ok, Google, start Find My Phone”) to my Moto and beautifully you make my phone ring. This is the equivalent of the “keyfinders” from the 80’s.

At a quick glance, I was able to find a total of three “find your phone” wear apps:

  • Find My Phone
    needs to be extended via in-app purchases and wants access to my photos and videos!?? (But it “is round” and would thus suit my Moto well…)
  • Wear Aware – Phone Finder
    probably doesn’t understand German and also doesn’t lock the phone when you move away (which by the way can also be solved nicely via trigger) and finally I’m now going to get
  • Find My Phone 4 Android Wear
    install! Because “This app doesn’t require any special permissions” and it has Auto Lock in it in case I leave my phone. Furthermore, the source code is open and the whole thing is published as a project on GitHub.
    (Even if the illustrations in the PlayStore look terrible).

Well, I’ll keep reporting.

My one of the first Moto360 in Germany!