Fake News Campaign
Kristallklares Wasser einer Meeresbucht

With claims on current as well as timeless topics in familiar advertising language, we developed a “fake campaign” for Verbraucher Service Bayern (unpublished).

Numerous motives with assertions or partly confused statements attract attention and lead to a central landing page to refute the statements with reference to the truth:

  • In Bavaria it’s always summer now
  • Plastic protects our food and products, what the sea gets out of it you will learn…
  • Plastic protects the sea from oversalination
  • Vitamins instead of fruit
  • Mircoplastics are everywhere, even in the blood.
  • Sugar makes strong teeth weak
  • Just because there are vitamins and other additives in the food doesn’t mean the food has to be healthy.
  • Liver sausage is good for the child

“We believe the truth to be true.”