The “Children’s Distance Holder” for Kitas in Corona Times

Corona Ring: the morning becomes all-day circle

However, with little pedagogical knowledge I think that with simple means and the right story or the right game, a little more distance and thus a more visible, social distance can be created between kindergarten and daycare children: with the Corona Ring as a playful spacer for the youngest children, not just in the morning but all day long.Child-1-sitting-in-a-kitchen-corona-distance-ring

The morning circle makes the all-day circle

It begins playfully on the first day after the pandemic or the first day after the pandemic. after the first relaxation of the pandemic-related restrictions, the usual morning circle is “materialised”, e.g. in the form of a hula hoop on the floor, the child’s circle in the morning circle and later throughout the day.

Anything goes, get to the circle

Then the circles are pimped and customized, each child his own, indivduellen Corona protection circle – there can be pirates and elves, monochrome and quite colorful, water wings and Styrofoam, stuffed animals, balloons, balls – basically everything that is soft and light can be fixed with proven tape (“Gaffa tape”). Helpful in the little workshop for the little ones are certainly also a handful of cable ties (cable ties hold the world together anyway).
Hold is naturally also at the child at the circle in demand: there cloth belts, threads or beautiful volumes offer themselves, which run simply in each case left and right over the shoulders, at the neck and back a further horizontal volume of the vertical together holds (similarly moving backpack). Convenient: the child sits the circle on the boder – like entrance to the morning circle.child-3-standing-in-the-corona-distance-ring with swimming noodles and such things around and at the circle
The hula hoop is just an idea, certainly there are other alternatives but the practical thing about the hula hoop is that it is available with a diameter of 150cm and thus ensures a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the children at a radius of 75cm.

Always the most important thing: the right story

In order for the whole thing to get more than the average 120 seconds of the child’s attention, it now needs the story – but at this point I think the esteemed educator will come up with a lot more due to experience:
People-children-chains can be formed, the children can be molecules or atoms of something larger, the star picture or our solar system lends itself, etc. etc.

Yeah, but kids and the urge to move?

A great educator replied that the implementation or idea could be difficult or even harmful, because you must not restrict children in their freedom of movement. However, I think – apart from the fact that this has been going on for a long time or since Lockdown happened at the beginning of March – the kids might see or perceive this differently and a possible damage in the overall social context is less than the alternatives (home office + childcare etc) – which as such are not alternatives either. Child-2-running-in-the-kita-corona-distance-ring-mono

Make it work, let’s try it

Unusual times require unusual measures. Therefore, on to the great all-day circle game, the Pandemic Ring, the Corona Hup –
i would love to hear feedback and even more about the implementation of the idea!

more beautiful world!




The idea – published by schönereWelt! under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0 for completely free use, modification, etc. – was stuck in my head, hence this post and to free up the space for other thoughts. It seemed so obvious to me, I was sure to find something similar – but that was not the case. Except for this contribution of a dubious, well-known daily newspaper format about a school in Hangzhou in“this China” which is ahead of us not only with Corona but anyway yes “only everything falsifies also and vorallem the numbers”. because it can’t be what can’t be… ;) (Even if it is so, China’s measures in the pandemic are simply the better and we could implement much of it without worrying, thanks to our great EU-DSGVO – but that’s another topic). Anyway, different implementation, same idea