Pastamusic Website

After our pastamusic website from the 90’s still stands timelessly well – among other things with the legendary-changeable “About us” (absolutely read!), together with the changeable “Fake” start pages (as there were: the blasphemy aka church likes children, that Craft that monitored object, the Esotericists and all this for the ass), this meaningful clue that this is not up-to-date, some also in co-operation with the heiligenblut – came then nevertheless with the trend of the time the desire for the possibility to the owner-supported publishing of contents and thus a affectionate, hand-knitted, barrier-poor because yaml based Pasta website out on our beloved WordPress (watch out! Be quick as it will go straight to the temporary Facebook or click here).

This was sometime in the early 10’s of the second millennium.

Since then, we’ve been wanting to update…